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Relive your wedding day.

Captured and crafted keepsakes from real wedding moments.

We are Load It Weddings.

A destination for wedding cinematography and photography.

Founded in early 2012, we capture and craft wedding moments, where storytelling and cinema intertwine. Inherently, storytelling is a common language that unites people together emotionally, regardless of the medium. Through cinematography, we believe that every relationship between two people, holds a unique story that is worth unfolding.

With years of wedding film experience and understanding the significance of matrimony commemoration, we craft stories to evoke a timeless wedding experience for you.

What We Do

project management
creative direction
package and delivery


proposal films
save the date films
wedding highlights
extended films
feature/narrative films

Meet the Creatives


Toan Tran
Founder + Producer

Toan Tran is a multi-faceted creative in film and photography. He has a passion for storytelling through film in a variety of genres, including commercials, music videos, and documentaries.

Through his eight years of experience in film production, he's developed a unique style and narrative voice in wedding cinematography that deeply resonate's with his viewers experience. 


Phillip Le
Cinematographer + Editor

Phillip Le has been in the wedding industry for over five years and specializes in connecting audiences to his visual work through strong emotional connections.

He hopes to one day be recognized with his team and to have people speak about not how great Load It Weddings is, but how beautiful their videos are.



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