A La Carte

add-on goodies



An instant teaser trailer to share with your friends and family.
This 30-60 second teaser is created within a week after your wedding day.

A glimpse of those moments throughout the wedding day, easily shared on Facebook. Twitter, and Instagram.




Aerial Motion Photography

Aerial footage is a popular option for showcasing high elevation shots for the highlight and extended film. Aerial shots include overall location, dynamic camera portraits, and venue decorations with a qualified operator and state of the art drone. 

4K Resolution


This option raises the image quality to cinema resolution of 4K, which enhances the details four times the amount of common high definition. 

Cinema grade cameras and memory storage are upgraded to support the capture of enhanced details, resolution, and media file sizes. 


Menu and Disc Set


This set contains two DVDs and two Blu-rays, custom printed for a personal touch and wrapped in organic materials for a rustic feel.   

All discs are playable on any device that accepts DVD or Bluray.

Raw Footage

Raw Footage Photo.png

For couples that enjoy watching wedding clips in their full recorded uncut take, the entire raw footage option is available.

Raw footage is delivered in a user friendly watching format. Those footage files are processed in a smaller size and suited for watching on any monitor device.

Audio on the footage are from the camera source and comes in the order it was captured. The footage clips are logo watermarked and delivered on a hard drive. 

Raw footage comes in the order it was shot and audio is native within the clip.  The footage clips are logo watermarked and delivered on a USB 3.0 compatible hard drive with your package. 

Additional Hours

Extra hours can cover important moments that happen before the wedding or even after the reception. Dress preparations, early make up, gift exchanges in the morning, or reception parties that can go over time.