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Aerial Motion Photography 

Aerial footage is a popular option for showcasing high elevation shots for the highlight and extended film. Aerial shots include overall location, dynamic camera portraits, and venue decorations with a qualified operator and state of the art drone. 


4K Resolution

This option raises the image quality to cinema resolution of 4K, which enhances the details four times the amount of common high definition. 

Cinema grade cameras and memory storage are upgraded to support the capture of enhanced details, resolution, and media file sizes. 



Traditional Extended Film

Ceremony Wide.jpg

The traditional extended film is a full documentation of all ceremonies and reception events that are crafted into a hour to two hour long full film. Ceremony and reception events include traditional ceremonies, wedding ceremony, reception opening, table greetings, and speeches. This film's experience how the events were unfold from the wedding day. 

Raw Footage

For purists that enjoy the feeling of watching wedding clips in their full recorded uncut take, the entire raw footage option is available.

We capture raw footage in a format that is solely created for editing on a workstation. Footage in raw format are huge in file size and not optimized for normal viewing.

To deliver raw footage in a user friendly format, the high definition files are processed through hours of compression to make them smaller in size and better suited for watching on a television, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Raw Footage Photo.png

Audio on the footage are from the camera source and comes in the order  it was captured. The footage clips are logo watermarked and delivered on a USB 3.0 compatible hard drive with your package.