an experience preserved for generations

“I remember everything about my wedding day.”
— Said No Groom and Bride Ever.

The wedding dress and formal suits have retired to the bedroom or the tailor shop. The lingering taste of champagne has left your mouth, shortly after the reception party ended. The expression on your love one's face, during those recited vows, have become a faint visual and auditory memory.  

You remember the big picture, but can't quite savor on the details. With the amount of events and little moments happening on the wedding day, it can be hard to focus on the experience alone.

Getting married is a notable milestone, it marks a significant time in your life that leaves a personal  impression. What remains after the celebration are memories that stand the test of time. 

Weddings are an intimate and joyous occasion with your family and friends. It's a monumental day to express and celebrate your marriage milestone. Wedding events can take many months to more than a year to plan and pull off. Your wedding keepsakes are a tangible investment that preserves that celebration in beautifully captured motion pictures and sound.  

With our dedicated  team and experienced creative professionals, we focus to cpature your best wedding moments and craft them into a long lasting keepsake, so that you can focus on the wedding experience and relive that day for generations to come.  



questions that clients ask about most

  1. How long does it take for a keepsake to be delivered? 

    After the wedding day, the process takes about 4 - 12 weeks to complete and deliver. Time can vary for revisions. 

  2. I want the raw footage, do you offer that?

    Yes, raw footage is offered from the highlight and extended films as an add-on. The clips are in the order in which they were capture without any color and editing. Click here for details in "A La Carte."

  3. How many hours do you usually shoot per wedding? 

    From the highlight to the feature film documentary narrative package, we typically shoot a minimum of eight (8) hours and a max of twelve (12) hours. For a cinematic feature  narrative, that  is spread out in multiple shooting days. 
  4. Do you have an hourly rate? 

    In short, no. Our packages were designed to cover the length of  the majority of wedding day timelines. If you need us to stay longer, Click here for details in "A La Carte."
  5. Are you able to shoot out-of-city? out-of-state? destination weddings?  

    Yes, we are available for all three. Travel and accommodation costs can vary, depending on destination. Traveling and accommodations do not apply for Dallas and Los Angeles metroplex within a 25 mile radius.
  6. How many weddings do you shoot per year? 

    We limit the amount of weddings to twenty-four (24) per calendar year.
    This allows us to focus on creativity and quality of our films.   
  7. Do you like bacon, ice cream, and pizza?

    You're awesome, you made it this far.
    And absolutely! We share it with everyone we know.


ways to save on package offers

  1. Receive up to 10% Off The Video Package!

    Book six (6) months in advance or book at least three (3) months in advance with your wedding date falling in the month of October, November, December, January, or February. 

  2. Receive 10% Off on a Photo + Video Bundle

    Ask about our photography partner and bundle any video and photography package to receive 10% off the proposal package quote.