Our Process

How it all comes together


streamlined for a seamless experience

Our process was designed to make the project experience seamless, smooth, and simple.   

From preparation to delivery, we'll coordinate with your wedding itinerary, capture the moments, compose video and sound together, design a beautiful package, and deliver the package to your address. 




creativity meets planning

Before cameras start rolling, knowing what to expect on the wedding day is key to a smooth execution and allows more room for creative control. 

In preparation, we tailor creative and significant detail specifics to match your wedding film style and expectations. 

Months in advance, we touch base with you and key event vendors to coordinate on wedding details, itinerary, locations, and conditions to map out  a seamless shooting plan for the wedding day.  

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moments and portraits captured

Our team of experienced directors, cinematographers, and production personnel arrive early to set up and touch up on logistics.

During the day of the wedding, our production team will guide and coordinate with you throughout the day, while coordinating with key event vendors.

Our approach is minimally invasive and lean on capturing the most candid moments with guidance in narrative portraits. 

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connecting visuals and sound

After the wedding day, we carefully supervise, manage, and assemble raw video footage and sound to create a cohesive film. 

The films go through a process of organizing, retouching, layering effects and transitions, adding music and/or scores, and final color treatment to create a polished  visual piece. 

All raw video and audio sources are double backed up for six months in a media vault for archive safekeeping.

If your deliverables become damaged, ship it back to us, and we will issue a new complete set within six months without cost.  




a beautiful package delivered  

Presented in a rustic mood and tone, each package comes with unique printed disc, user friendly menu, and wrapped in organic materials. 

DVDs play back in standard definition, while Blurays play in high definition.  Highlights, extended films, and feature films are uploaded for online viewing and  are all included on the USB drive.

Highlights are public, while extended and feature films are uploaded with a secret link that is password protected  and digitally delivered to you. 

Additional duplicates are available for request.
Please allow for one to two weeks for shipping.